A statement of what PREACCH is about and its mission.

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Our Mission:


"Just knowing there is another family dealing with what all I’m dealing with and holding fast to Jesus — well, I’m good to go for another year!" That statement sums up very well what we see our mission to be. We’re pooling resources and research to bless each other with prayer support and information.

Website: The Lord is blessing our website giving parents from all over the world hope in Jesus. It is meeting needs, for example, from January to March ‘98 the site had 87,000 hits. We are corresponding and ministering to many families over the internet via the site and personal email.

E-group: The PREACCH e-group is an online forum where parents can discuss raising their autistic children

Prayer Support: The best we can do for you is pray for you. Each of our families covenants to pray for the other families in our group. As a family reads the heart-felt letter of another family, they pray specifically for that family. God honors these prayers. We also have a world-wide prayer chain. Call 772-489-3711, ext. 4 (or e-mail PREACCH@bondingplace.com) and leave your prayer request. We’ll notify prayer warriors across the world on your behalf. Please note these don’t have to be "emergency situations."

Prayer Circles: are groups of five families who pray for each other on a daily basis. If you would like to be part of a prayer circles, please let us know.

Spiritual Affirmation: Unlike so many "programs" that only help with academics, our group is designed to support you and your child with your spiritual growth. We share scripture, testimonies, and real life applications of Truth.

Information Pool: We seem to all hold "Ph.D.s" on our own child. Collectively we have read thousands of pages of research material on autism. Among our members, almost every "method" has been tried. Our families are faithful to tell us what has worked for them and what has failed, what was a waste of time and money, and what was vital to their child’s health, what lifted their souls and what bogged them down. We review books, tapes, programs and experts. We give addresses and referrals for those we liked.

Counseling: Do you need a shoulder to cry on? Do you have a praise? Do you just want to talk to another family who knows what it is like to dress a child 18 times before Sunday School? Have others second guessed you and told you "that if you only disciplined your child more" your child would behave? Does your family not understand? Has the school system failed your child? We understand. We offer telephone counseling, in addition to the newsletter. We have limited hours, so please bear with us, we do try to return all calls (remember we all are parents with autistic children).

Lending Library: "My public library has one book about autism and it’s thirty years old. Am I really a refrigerator mom?" Our PREACCH library is growing and we would like to add more volumes and to loan them to you to read. If you have finished a book and would like to share it with others, you can share it two different ways: 1) send it to PREACCH for its lending library, or 2) allow us to add it to our "available list" so others could borrow it directly from you. If you want to borrow a particular book, we’ll try to track it down for you. We ask that you pay the postage of mailing it back and forth and return it within the allotted time frame.  (Page on this site listing books available to be added soon)

Public Awareness: Not only has Jill, our founder, spoken out about the blessings of autism and the Hope in Christ for our children, but several other members have been spreading the word by volunteering to speak at workshops, bookfairs, support group and community meetings. If you would like to host a speaker or to volunteer to speak yourself, please let our ministry know. We also encourage our members to write articles for local and national publications. Also, our walking testimony is an encouragement to others. Many people in public places are curious about autism, the Lord gives us these opportunities to plant, water, or harvest His Joy.

PREACCH Letters: No Longer in print. Past issues are available for $4 each.

The backbone or most visible part of our ministry is our quarterly newsletter. Member families submit letters. These letters are sources of hope, information, praises, and prayer requests. Some of the families are "experts" on nutrition, physical therapy, SAMONAS or AIT/AET, non-traditional medicine, dealing with the State, behavioral adjustments, spiritual training, or speech development. We only print letters marked for publication. Instead of printing the newsletter, we are using this web site and egroup to met those same needs.

Confidentiality: Though we have been asked many times to give out our mailing list, we don’t. We only send the letter to potential PREACCH members (friends and family). If someone wants us to include their information, we mail it with the newsletter (they pay the added postage) so our members are "safe" from solicitation. The directory only goes to families who have signed a confidentiality agreement and are full participating members. Listing in the directory is voluntary.

Products: We offer the best dietary supplements we know of that are on the market to help these children. We are also developing a line of products for families hoping through autism including buttons, T-shirts, audio and video tapes, pamphlets, etc.

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