How did PREACCH get started? What has happened over the years? Delve into PREACCH history.

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"I have an autistic son, too. May I write you?" another parent asked Jill Bond, after hearing one of her speaking engagements in which she bragged about her autistic son, Trent (dob: 9/20/88). The Lord blessed Jill, a national speaker and author, with a supportive circle of friends across the nation who were rearing autistic children. She soon realized that these friendships were more than just for mutual support. Jill thought, "Lori needs to know Heidi, and Gail needs to hear from June." She wrote them in December of 1993 asking for permission to reprint their next letters so she could mail it to the other families within her circle of friends. PREACCH started. Many families help with the ministry and volunteer to minister to other families with prayer, letters of encouragement, and advice. PREACCH became one more aspect of the Bond family’s ministry: The Bondingplace.

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