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Basically, God gave our children to us to rear. They are not the "State's" and the State doesn't love them. We do.
We know our children. We know when they are teachable and when they need rest. We can reinforce therapies all day long. We can be consistent with our children's programs throughout their daily routines. We can see subtle differences and improvements and adjust our teaching methods instantly. The programs which work have to involve the parents and are best administered by the loving parents. Each child needs a custom program and some school systems are not equipped to give a child one-on-one attention. Parents can use "learning windows" whenever they happen. Home is vital to help them to develop who they are.
As Christians, our children's spiritual lives are more important than their academic life. Because of the State's premise, they will not do anything to enhance your child's Christian life, and in some cases the State will try to undermine your values.
Is it an all or nothing proposition? No, families vary on the amount of "outside" help they use. It really is a matter of who calls the shots. Are you choosing the options or are "they" telling you what is best for your child?
We've heard hundreds of testimonies of parents who know parent-directed education works best. Parents are motivated to learn how-to and CAN do many of the therapies themselves. The children respond. Parent-directed education is successful!

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